The rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated.

But not really. As promised in the last blog post, all about Broquest: This iteration of Broquest is dead.

As some of you have already discovered, we have stopped all work on Broquest the video game. Or this iteration thereof. We have a related project in the works, and it was mentioned in earlier blog updates, but after that project is concluded we will be disbanding Idea Guy Studios.

As to the fate of this website, it will stay up for the time being and barring exceptional circumstances. If you, or some individuals you know, are interested in working on Broquest, contact us via IRC, forums, or email (probably in that order). We will help you get set up and you can use what we already have as a base.

With that in mind, all assets released are owned by their respective owners. For example, Shwig’s art belongs to Shwig. The tech (Christmas) test was released under creative commons non-commercial sharealike lisence. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all the art was done by Shwig and those pieces are also owned by their respective owners. So, if you do plan to start something up again, please make the effort to track down the people who’s assets you will utilize.

Why are we shutting down? The main reason is that we do not have the required manpower to get the project done in a reasonable amount of time (in the next twenty years). When the project began we had something around 40 people but that number fluctuated a lot. Today we are left with a small, dedicated core that works at irregular intervals.

Many left our team to pursue their own goals, some have vanished without a single word or trace, others only joined for a few days before leaving. Others still have hung around for months and contributed nothing of note. It’s not the too many cooks in the kitchen analogy, but the general apathy, laziness, and procrastination that is to blame for the current state of the project. Another important reason is that Broquest as a project is not feasible for a garage-like indie effort. Everyone has a different idea of what Broquest should be like as a video game, and the process of creating a game based on that collective consciousness is akin to building the Babel Tower, if you’re into theology.

What we attempted to create was Broquest, as narrated by the community, and developed by our team. But that is practically impossible to do for a team of volunteers with little creative freedom, long hours of downtime, and no real satisfaction for the work invested. Yorick’s Quest, a game that was not at all a serious attempt at creating a video game, or a game related to Broquest, turned out to be the most exciting thing we had done in the six or seven months after we started this project. Those interested contributed, saw their work implemented in real time, and we all generally had a blast.

As a small nick of advice, if you want to make Broquest, don’t get tied down with expectations and know your limits. Make a Broquest 2 or a Broquest Zero, where there is little to tie you down. That is why our current project is hardly tied to what is already “established” as Broquest cannon, and it is something we are actually excited about. Because at some point we realized that the established Broquest lore is absolutely terrible.

So, yes, to reiterate: Broquest is dead. Long live Broquest.

There was an update here, but I lost it.

I hope you will enjoy this picture of a cat instead. You like cats, right? Of course you do.



Hey, hey, hey, it’s time for another BroQuest update!

As some of you know, it has been almost a year now since this iteration of BroQuest started. It’s hard to believe, really, but it has been that long. As a sort of celebration of that, and because we can, we took a working detour and developed a side project for the month of July. The title of this new thing we’re doing is Shoulderon Gaiden, and it is flash-based.

It is in a advanced playable state right now but is still missing a lot of content for an actual release. It should be ready for a beta some time in August at the earliest, so do keep an eye out! If you are starving for details, Shoulderon Gaiden is not a side scroller like our previous flash game, but it is related to Yorick’s Quest in a way. Shwig, our resident artist, is temporarily back from the military and is doing some cool artwork for Gaiden.

Expect the unexpected.

In terms of BroQuest itself, things have slowed down a lot because the game engine is still unfinished. Once Shoulderon Gaiden is out of the way we’ll see what happens. But that is reserved for a different blog post.

Concept Edit: This seems to be a bit misleading for some people. We didn’t stop work on BroQuest to work on this. We have some bottle-necks, one of them being the engine overhaul, that leave a few of us with free time. While we are waiting on those bottle-necks to be complete the rest of us are working on this flash game.

It’s time to update again?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Perhaps it is a little of both.

Stuff is Happening

Not much to report here, still working hard! I mentioned some changes were made to the engine but plans have shifted around; all I can say is that we hope to improve the process of actually making the game and minimize the amount of hardcoding we need to do. We’ll post an update on the process in the coming weeks.

Also, a cool guy made a totally cool picture. You can view it HERE. You may even recognize the art style and the artist!


Sprite Apps.

Spriting applications are open again. Show us your moves (and sprites) HERE.

How About That Gallery?

Maybe you should click that gallery link up top, wink wink, nudge nudge.

We’re still working on BroQuest. But college and finals are wrapping up, and people are busy. Since some individuals were interested, we’ll do a live Q&A session in the near future, probably some time this week.

Plurk signing out.


Recruitment and IRC (and Yorick’s Quest)

Hey broquesters, popping in here to discuss something super important with you. But I’ll try to make it quick and easy to read. We published a few updates on the blog mentioning recruitment. Something we hadn’t mentioned so far, and something I think is really important for everyone to know, is that we run our day-to-day operations from the IRC. If you ever wanted to help with the development of BroQuest but missed the application, time, or whatever, you can always reach us on the IRC and tell us what you would like to do, and why.

All that is required is the idea guy spirit and skill in your favored craft! With all of that said, it also doesn’t hurt to check out the recruitment forum to see what we’re generally looking for.

On a different note, some of you have expressed interest in us polishing up Yorick’s Quest. I have some bad news. We thought about it, and as much as we like Yorick’s Quest, polishing it up would involve too much effort that could be better placed with BroQuest. But there is some good news, too. Some of you requested a version of the game without the hobo-quality voice acting and sound effects. If you can make the appropriate sound effects or voices for Yorick’s Quest, please get in contact with us because we can make that happen! It’s a fairly trivial effort to replace the sounds and upload a new version, if we have stuff to work with.


It’s Finally Here!

Hey there friends and fans of Idea Guys! This is A_Creationist speaking, the most reliable source of insider scoops and information regarding broquest! I’m happy to report that due to the combination of their willpower, resolve, and determination, they have banded together to create the most hyper-realistic and enjoyable version of broquest to date!
With features such as:

-Amazing jumping action, no longer is Broquest restricted to moving along a flat plane, you can now jump too!
-Removement of unneccessary dimensions- who needs to move in any direction but forward, anyway?
-New amazing single frame animations!
-Reduction of characters, say goodbye to all those pesky character you never cared about, because it’s time for the spotlight to show on just the best one!
-Amazing voice acting with the voice of a homeless man PresidentLurker found on the street the other day, and convinced to make voice effects in exchange for food and adequate amounts of pornography!
-Hyper realistic sound effects!
-Completely original and varied soundtrack!
-Increased percentage of removed content, in order to make room for more DLC!
-Complete elimination of everything and anything made by shwig!
-And coming soon: A deal for digital distribution on Xbox-live Arcade and Origin!

So without further ado, please try test our version of broquest! Please note that the game is currently 96% complete in it’s current form, so any and all of you’re suggestions will be ignored!

Your welcome.

EDIT:Hosting this at newgrounds now for reasons of bandwidth and sanity


  • There is no boss fight! But there is a ranking system…

    Infinite Typewriters Seeking Infinite Monkeys

    Ever wanted to be A PART OF THE MAGIC? Wanted to write the zany, madcap, lackadaisical, other adjective adventures of Brotag and Friends?

    NOW YOU CAN! The application process to become a writer for Broquest has reopened, and all are welcome to apply. If you have a strong grasp of comedy writing, and have always wanted to write video games, now’s your chance! Simple hop over to the forums and read the application guidelines!

    I look forward to reading all of the applications sent in, or at least all of the good ones! As a reminder, if you’re not a writer, but are instead a coder or an artist, recruitment is still open!