Infinite Typewriters Seeking Infinite Monkeys

Ever wanted to be A PART OF THE MAGIC? Wanted to write the zany, madcap, lackadaisical, other adjective adventures of Brotag and Friends?

NOW YOU CAN! The application process to become a writer for Broquest has reopened, and all are welcome to apply. If you have a strong grasp of comedy writing, and have always wanted to write video games, now’s your chance! Simple hop over to the forums and read the application guidelines!

I look forward to reading all of the applications sent in, or at least all of the good ones! As a reminder, if you’re not a writer, but are instead a coder or an artist, recruitment is still open!








  1. Quick question.

    Can we submit stuff we have posted on other parts of the site?

    I.e. I wanted to post something I did from the “Bar Hijinx” thread (will most likely tidy it up a bit though).

  2. Chao, that should be fine, so long as it meets the requirements of at least one of the prompts.