Recruitment and IRC (and Yorick’s Quest)

Hey broquesters, popping in here to discuss something super important with you. But I’ll try to make it quick and easy to read. We published a few updates on the blog mentioning recruitment. Something we hadn’t mentioned so far, and something I think is really important for everyone to know, is that we run our day-to-day operations from the IRC. If you ever wanted to help with the development of BroQuest but missed the application, time, or whatever, you can always reach us on the IRC and tell us what you would like to do, and why.

All that is required is the idea guy spirit and skill in your favored craft! With all of that said, it also doesn’t hurt to check out the recruitment forum to see what we’re generally looking for.

On a different note, some of you have expressed interest in us polishing up Yorick’s Quest. I have some bad news. We thought about it, and as much as we like Yorick’s Quest, polishing it up would involve too much effort that could be better placed with BroQuest. But there is some good news, too. Some of you requested a version of the game without the hobo-quality voice acting and sound effects. If you can make the appropriate sound effects or voices for Yorick’s Quest, please get in contact with us because we can make that happen! It’s a fairly trivial effort to replace the sounds and upload a new version, if we have stuff to work with.



  1. Catgirl is still the utheg killing Broquest

  2. Maybe you guys could implement Yorick’s Quest as a mini-game or something inside the game that could benefit the player or just be there for fun as an Easter Egg since you already have it functioning…

  3. Dave_the_Warlock

    >Not having having a contest where people have a chance to have a fan-made flash game featuring any of the cast appear in each game
    >Not having a camp zone where you can talk to each of the party members, then play the fan-contributed game in-game