Hey, hey, hey, it’s time for another BroQuest update!

As some of you know, it has been almost a year now since this iteration of BroQuest started. It’s hard to believe, really, but it has been that long. As a sort of celebration of that, and because we can, we took a working detour and developed a side project for the month of July. The title of this new thing we’re doing is Shoulderon Gaiden, and it is flash-based.

It is in a advanced playable state right now but is still missing a lot of content for an actual release. It should be ready for a beta some time in August at the earliest, so do keep an eye out! If you are starving for details, Shoulderon Gaiden is not a side scroller like our previous flash game, but it is related to Yorick’s Quest in a way. Shwig, our resident artist, is temporarily back from the military and is doing some cool artwork for Gaiden.

Expect the unexpected.

In terms of BroQuest itself, things have slowed down a lot because the game engine is still unfinished. Once Shoulderon Gaiden is out of the way we’ll see what happens. But that is reserved for a different blog post.

Concept Edit: This seems to be a bit misleading for some people. We didn’t stop work on BroQuest to work on this. We have some bottle-necks, one of them being the engine overhaul, that leave a few of us with free time. While we are waiting on those bottle-necks to be complete the rest of us are working on this flash game.


  1. >form team to make broquest
    >don’t make broquest

  2. If I understood correctly, the game engine part is slowing Broquest development and other part of the team is doing something else meanwhile coding is done?

  3. That would make sense, but there’s only so much that can be done without a complete engine.

    They probably have a lot of grafix and stuff done.

  4. First poster basically summed up my feelings. If there’s more time to develop content, why not make more content for broquest?

  5. What is this “BroQuest” you people do speak about?

  6. Stuff’s happening, that’s good. They didn’t die in the meanwhile.

  7. So in light of your engine not being done, you have decided to work on something else? I’m sure on some planet your plan makes sense, but your weak link is… this is Earth.

  8. Sorta just sounds like Broquest never had an actual engine to begin with, and all the development that’s been done has been with the thought of “Well, we’ll get an engine done eventually.”